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Linda Feliciano of Luna Healing

I am an intuitive healer and awareness coach. I help you heal and reconnect to your soul gifts and desires so you can let go of the story that no longer serves you. I teach you the skills and tools so you can become the leading character in the story of your life!

I officially started my spiritual journey in 2012 though you could argue I started the moment I was born or beyond that even.  Like most of you, I was living a life that was, well, ok. I did everything right. I went to college, got a good paying job, had a nice social life, a home. Yet, I didn't feel fulfilled or excited about my life.

Then, I met the man that broke me... open.


This intense connection was unlike anything I had ever experienced before and it turned my world upside down. When it ended, I was in such excruciating pain that I knew something had changed irrevocably.

In an attempt to heal my pain, I started looking for answers. Over several years I did a lot of work to recognize and release patterns, beliefs and behaviors that, while having served a purpose during my childhood, were, as an adult, hindering my evolution. As I dived deeper into my childhood trauma I started noticing the similarities with my current life situations. I started tapping more into my gifts and desires. I started remembering who I was and what I wanted before the world put expectations on me.

I developed an interest in crystals and quickly felt an affinity with their energy. I found a wonderful spiritual mentor, healers and many other resources.  I started creating jewelry pieces for myself and learned to energetically program them. A few years later I spontaneously began writing poetry and exploring artistic expression. 


As I started healing, life began to flow more naturally and easily.  I started confronting long-held fears and for the first time in my adult life I experienced the purity of joy.


Like a lot of you I had never considered the possibility that my life could be exciting and fulfilling. The desire was there, deep within me, but I barely had access to it. It was buried under years of doing what I was "supposed to do"; years of repression, of suppression, of expectation, of conforming to society.

As I began unburdening myself. I learned to combine years of analytical experience from my computer engineer job in "corporate America" with intuitive knowledge, energy work and subconscious and emotional healing processes. 


I am a Certified Practitioner of Teal Swan's The Completion Process.  Inevitably, that lead me into expanding my work to include coaching focusing on shadow work, emotional processing and energy healing.  I am also a Certified ARCH Healing® Practitioner (C-AHP) and a Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner. This work allows me to help clients understand the unique gifts of their soul and their energetic blocks. And, all of these tools became essential to my healing. And, help me understand where my clients are and how to help them map their journey.  

I am also a co-author of the Amazon Bestselling book Woke: A-ha's, Awakenings, & Illuminations on the Path to Conscious Living & ENLIGHTENMENT.

I have over twenty years of background working as a technology professional and leader. This experience has helped me develop my analytical skills which are very helpful in identifying patterns and finding creative solutions for challenges in the coaching and healing fields. 

I also have an understanding of cultural dynamics and how they can impact our choices in a variety of scenarios. 

I love dogs, the ocean, music, dancing, travel and chocolate. And as I continue to expand I discover many more things that I love.


As I continue to walk this path, my purpose is to live a fulfilling, meaningful and joyful life in alignment with my soul's gifts and deepest desires. And, to help you do the same!


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