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Become The Protagonist
... in the story of your Life

Are you constantly judging, criticizing, shaming or sabotaging yourself?

Have done "all the right things" but still feel stuck, unexcited and disempowered about your life?

Does it feel like it is harder for you to bounce back from heartbreak?

Are you ready to free yourself from these limiting patterns and blocks?

Stop living the life you think you "should live" and start creating
the life you WANT to live!

I will support and help you:

  • find emotional balance & resiliency

  • let go of shame & self-judgement

  • break through patterns

  • claim your power & feel confident

  • stop living in fear

  • get clear & excited about your life

  • uproot limiting beliefs

  • heal childhood trauma

  • learn how to practice self-love

  • set & maintain healthy boundaries

  • improve your relationships

  • stop self-sabotaging

  • get "unstuck"

  • reconnect with your soul gifts 

  • express yourself authentically

  • meet your needs

  • find meaning & light your passion

  • manifest your dreams

If you are on a journey of self-development, healing or spiritual growth you have probably been working on some of these for some time. Yet, despite all your efforts your find yourself still struggling.


Most healing and development work focuses on the behavioral and mindset aspect of the journey. But, there is one key element missing from your efforts that can help you unlock your healing.

Consciously Building a Meaningful and Joyful Life

My Multi-Dimensional Framework takes a practical approach to healing and development to help you break through your blocks. I will help you reclaim your unique gifts and your joyful, authentic self so you can live a meaningful and fulfilling life.  ​

I condensed years of hard work into a simple, yet

profound and transformational process.

I will guide and support you as I teach you 

to apply new skills and tools into real-life

situations. And, I will help you gain clarity

about the life you want to create and how to

get there.

You know there is more to life than just going through

the motions of adulthood. You want to do more than

just survive. You want to thrive!

Create the life that you deserve now!


Download the free e-book to learn:

  • What gives rise to the the inner critic 


  • Why what you've tried before has not worked

  • What you need to start healing

(C)KKP - Linda Feliciano-7 (2)_edited_ed

 I feel I have gotten further in my healing process in the last 3 weeks with you than I did in the last five years.

Linda´s presence is warm, strong, and safe. She was very mindful and supportive with me. I´m forever grateful to have met her.

Linda brings her gift of clarity when sharing her wisdom and intuition; this has been incredibly helpful for me, as someone who often has a hard time seeing a clear path.

It had a massive impact and triggered a series of events and changes.

Disclaimer:  This work is not intended to replace medical care.  If you are suffering from a mental/emotional condition and/or are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, please contact your medical care professional. 

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