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A child of Neptune.

A Piscean.

Her emotions run deep,

deep as the ocean.

From the bottomless sea

a mermaid arises,

to bathe in the sun;

in the moonlight she dances.

Frolicking freely

yet bound to the sea;

the stars in the sky

so far from her reach.

To crave, the land...

to crave the air...

to crave the fire...

that glows in her hair.

To understand the power

that lives within;

the knowledge, the wisdom,

the strength therein.

From dust to dust;

From ashes to ashes.

From the depth of her heart

through the waves she crashes.

At last her heart opens

and understanding sinks in.

Diving into her emotions

is her gift to her kin.

A kaleidoscopic explosion

in a moment of reckoning.

Her home, the deep sea...



Copyright © 2016 Linda Feliciano


Beyond the Rich Coast

Where the Earth meets the Sea

and the Sea meets the sky

Where the land claims you

and the rivers run through you

Where the mountains climb within you

and the volcanoes erupt from your eyes

Where your smile shines in the sun

and the moonlight thinks your thoughts

Where the forest blooms your inspiration

and life springs around you in joy

Where the wind propels your journey

and the waves crash into your heart

Where the rain washes away your fears

and the truth of who you are is revealed

Where the lava ignites your spark.

Copyright © 2017 Linda Feliciano


Bella Cuba…

Bailando sobre las aguas del Caribe
Tan cerca y a la vez tan lejos
Nuestras historias como cauces de un rio
deciden hacer su propio camino
en busca de su identidad

Pero a pesar de la distancia ideológica
la misma sangre corre por nuestras venas
La misma música
El mismo idioma
El mismo corazón
La misma gente

Nuestras diferencias son circunstanciales
Porque seguimos siendo uno
Hijos del mismo padre y
nacidos del mismo vientre
Desembocando en un mismo mar

Viendo el mundo desde orillas diferentes, 
pero siempre,
compartiendo un mismo atardecer.

Copyright © 2019 Linda Feliciano


The power lies within.

In the ability to swim

in the depth of my emotions.

The willingness to drown in them, even.

In the knowledge that the end of who I am

can be reborn at its bottom.

In the excruciating joy of the dive.

In the bravery of the terror that envelops me.

In the breathless gasp,

and the deep liquid inhale.

In the density of suppressed emotions,

filling my lungs , my insides...

forcing all the air out

until my body surrenders

to the exquisite pain of letting go.

And resistance turns into release;

and fear turns into boldness;

and in the beauty of that chaos

the old is born anew.

The emptiness makes room for fulfillment,

and the soul again

claims it's rightful place

at the twilight of my being.

Copyright © 2016 Linda Feliciano


Death Is but a passage.

Is the light we all seek.

The flow of universal energy

that will carry us through the cosmos

into infinity.

A threshold to freedom.

The freedom to shed this prison.

This shell that cannot contain

the magnitude of who I am.

A corporeal contract

that keeps me bound to this plane.

Because my lease is not up yet.

Because there is more living

to happen in this space.

There is more exploration,

more growth, more expansion

still to come.

Yet I long to find my way home.

Copyright © 2016 Linda Feliciano


En las olas de un mar

Encuentro mi refugio

Y la orilla de mi dolor

Augura un diluvio


Entre sal y arena

A pies descalzos ando

Dibujando el camino

Riendo y llorando


Sintiendo en el alma

La cercania y la distancia

No sabiendo que hacer

Ahogándome en el ansia


Tu voz me despierta

De un sueno muy inquieto

Es música para mis oidos

De tus labios un soneto


En los besos de tu boca 

Encuentra mi alma su descanso

En el idilio de tu cuerpo

Son tus brazos mi remanso


A tu encuentro llego al fin

Siempre iba a terminar asi

Porque yo te pertenezco

Y tu me perteneces a mi.


Copyright © 2019 Linda Feliciano


We are full of choice in this 

our human experience. 

And, often there are things we regret. 

There are things that maybe 

we could have done better,

differently or not at all.  

Yet where would those choices have taken us... We do not know. 

But, I believe in the eternal wisdom of the soul.  I trust that no matter which path we choose, and no matter how lost we may feel,

our soul, like a compass,

will always guide our journey. 

That every time we make a turn,

it recalibrates. 

Always pointing us,

not towards the path of least resistance,

but towards the path of maximum expansion. ​

Copyright © 2016 Linda Feliciano


I miss the love I never had.

I crave the joy I never tasted.

I remember the life I never lived.

I discard the regrets ever wasted.

As the beauty of life unfolds before me,

I release what never was

and yet I seek still.

For I now walk the path never expected.

I follow my heart and yield to its will.

Copyright © 2017 Linda Feliciano


There is no control. There is no safety.

Only the freedom that comes

from our willingness

to make a conscious choice 

that honors the truth of who we are

and where we are at this moment in time.

And the knowingness

that we will be OK no matter what.

That there is no right or wrong choice.

That wherever this path takes us

the ultimate desire will always be fulfilled;

that the experiential lesson

will be imprinted into our energy field

and that the expansion of our soul

is the one true, inevitable outcome.

Copyright © 2016 Linda Feliciano


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