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Thank you for your insights, thank you for making me think and understanding the connections. I started seeing a therapist 5 years ago, while I "love her" I feel I have gotten further in my healing process in the last 3 weeks with you than I did with her in the last five years. Thank You SO much for your help, for your trust and belief in me!

Y.S., Massachusetts

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do some powerful healing sessions with Linda. Her intuitive and intelligent combination of coaching and healing feels oceanic: she goes deep, and at the same time I always had the sense that I was being held. She just has this rare and vast capacity to see and hold us in our authenticity.

Linda brings her gift of clarity when sharing her wisdom and intuition; this has been incredibly helpful for me, as someone who often has a hard time seeing a clear path. She helped me identify and heal some of the patterns in my life that no longer serve me, and to gain a more practical awareness of some of my core gifts. The sessions themselves were powerful, and I still feel the healing unfolding. I'm feeling excited to have this deeper insight about myself and motivated to share my own gifts with the world. What a gift!

C.L., North Carolina

Linda´s Completion Process was helpful in opening me up to the power of shadow work. With her help, I dealt with emotions and energies that were kept from my conscious awareness in ways that I never imagined. Linda combined well her different training, skills, intuition, and experience to guide me to meet and engage with a part of me that was in need of healing. Linda´s presence is warm, strong, and safe. She was very mindful and supportive with me. I´m forever grateful to have met her.

Richard Montes, Boston

Wanted to thank you once again for our session that we had, I believe it had a massive impact and triggered series of events and changes, that combined with shadow work I do, helped me to be where I am now. I do believe it was a very necessary puzzle piece.

Thank you.

L.L., Peru

Linda, thank you for programming the stone for me. It has been wonderful to receive its energy in the past few days. I have felt calmer and grounded. In fact, I had a very important conversation today in which I was able to express myself and my feelings in a way I had not experienced before. Thanks for sharing your gift and what you do with me.

Frances, Miami

Love the crystals and love the attention, caring and love Linda Feliciano has for her clients . The crystals have give me more spiritual and confidence peace.

Pamela Laporte, Massachusetts

I've purchased several crystals as gifts for friends and family and have always had a very positive experience with Linda. They are beautiful and I love that I can give such a personalized and meaningful gift to those I love. Linda is always professional and expedient in her service and gives an exceptional amount of attention, intention and care into each crystal that she programs.

Gina Marciano, Providence

quotation marks image at Luna Healing & Coaching
quotation marks image at Luna Healing & Coaching
quotation marks image at Luna Healing & Coaching
quotation marks image at Luna Healing & Coaching
quotation marks image at Luna Healing & Coaching
quotation marks image at Luna Healing & Coaching
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