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Unlock Your Best Self

Discover the true nature of your soul.

Do you...

want to discover your purpose?

need help figuring out the unique gifts of your soul?

want to heal your energetic karma?

 want to heal your wounds and self-sabotaging patterns?

If so, then schedule your reading now!

Soul Profile Reading

90-minute intuitive reading of your Akashic records that will uncover karmic patterns and blocks that are currently impacting your life. And, will help you reconnect with the unique gifts and wisdom of your soul.


This information will help you navigate life with more clarity and guide you in making empowered choices in alignment with your shighest purpose, fulfillment and potential.   


The reading will also include the session recording, and an energetic clearing to facilitate the healing of the negative karma by realigning your vibration to support the shifts. 

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Image of Linda Feliciano at Luna Healing & Coaching

Linda Feliciano
Founder at Luna Healing
& Coaching

Linda is a Certified Life Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Healing Facilitator and Best-selling Author.


She focuses on helping clients heal their wounds so they can stop living the lives they think they are “supposed to live” and start creating the lives they WANT to live.


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Are you ready to resolve your karma, discover your gifts and align with your purpose?


If you need support and guidance applying the insights from the reading into your daily life, I am happy to help. I offer Life Coaching and Emotional Healing sessions. Visit my website or contact me to learn more.

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Learn more about the Akashic Records here.

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