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Heal Your Inner Critic 
Unleash the Leader Within

"A leader is someone who is willing to own not just the result, but the process."

Paradox of Change by Good Life Project

Leadership coaching to help you evolve into the assertive, compassionate, influential and emotionally intelligent leader you aspire to be. Because the work starts within you.


Transform your relationships and unlock your potential!

What It Is

A transformational coaching and learning approach, aimed at professionals, that helps create self-awareness and supports their growth, 

Who It Is For

Leadership coaching for executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone who wants to develop their skills to influence, impact, empower and support others.

What It Looks Like

The engagement is tailored to your needs. From individual coaching sessions, to group coaching or training for your teams.

How It Works

Harnessing the power of your development journey as the key to successfully navigate the dynamics of interpersonal relationships with honesty, integrity, empathy, respect and agency.

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