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Healing Abandonment Wounds

Everyone experiences abandonment at some point in their lives. For some of us this experience can be intensely traumatic, especially when experienced during our childhood.

But what if I told you that you can heal from abandonment trauma? That you don't have to carry that pain into your adult relationships? That you can have loving, healthy and fulfilling relationships?  You can!!

This program is for you if...


You were physically or emotionally abandoned by your primary caretakers in childhood.


You grew up or spent significant time in foster care or in the streets.


Where adopted, even if by a step-parent, family member or friend.

Biological Family

You are looking for, or have recently found, your biological family.


Through my Multi-Dimensional Healing Framework we will explore the subconscious beliefs created from your childhood trauma and how they connect to current choices and dynamics.


I will teach you how to apply practical tools and skills to break through old patterns and

heal the wounds of your childhood experience.

This unique program helps you learn and grow at your own pace. We will work

together in a balanced progression that will provide structure, support and

continuity in your journey


In this 12-week online program I will help you get clarity about the patterns that no longer

serve you and move towards the life you want to create


You deserve to feel joyful, fulfilled and excited about your life.



Stop living the life you think you "should live" and start creating the life you WANT to live!

The Program Includes:

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