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How Do Crystals Work?


Everything in the universe consists of energy.  Gemstones absorb and transmit light (a form of energy) and thus carry their own energetic vibration which can be transmitted and integrated into our own energetic field.  Based on their composition, each crystal resonates with different aspects of our physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual selves. 


It is my belief that the most important aspect of crystal healing is to set your intent.  Opening yourself to the energy by simply declaring your intent, asking for guidance and showing the universe through action that you are committed to your healing and evolution are key steps in any energy healing practice.  Then, the crystals work by tuning our own energy with that of the crystal and its properties and serving as a conduit for the intent.  As the energies align they  become more effective in helping us heal, release blocks, patterns, pain and trauma. 


Crystal healing is intended to complement and enhance other healing practices as part of a holistic approach.  And, because they work on energy they can be used with anything that contains an energetic field, e.g. animals, plants, etc.


It is not unusual for your crystals to change temperature, color or even texture in response to your energy but also due to a variety of energetic or environmental factors.


Note: the terms crystals, gemstones and stones are used interchangeably.



What Does Energetically Programmed Mean?


Programming a crystal can be simply defined as setting the intent.  Personally, I have a ritual through which I do this and which I describe below.


First, I clear and charge the crystals, as described below. Crystal energy is always active but clearing and charging the stones removes any unwanted energy they may have absorbed from the world around them.


To program them, I perform a brief ritual to set the intent for the crystal to infuse the wearer with its energetic properties and to help release any blocks that are impeding your healing.  If you prefer, the intent set may be more specific depending on your needs.


The energy in crystals can be powerful in enhancing your own healing process and you do not need to believe in crystal healing for the energy to work within you. 


Cleansing Your Crystals


There are a variety of ways to cleanse and clear your crystals. Since different gemstones have different mineral compositions, some may be sensitive to water or sunlight.  The best way, that works for all is to place your crystal on a glass container and put it somewhere where it can receive moonlight.  If you live in an area with extreme temperatures or frequent rain, it is best to place them indoors by a window with moonlight exposure.  Most can also be rinsed under running water, NOT submerged.  I prefer using natural running water (e.g. river, ocean) but you can also use distilled, purified or spring water.


How to choose a crystal


Crystals and metals have natural properties and energies that interact with your own vibration. You can refer to the description of the item for details and what each crystal can help with.  You can also use the search bar to search for a specific symptom or problem.  However, if you are drawn to a specific crystal, please listen to your intuition.  Most crystals have varied uses and they may interact differently with your individual energy field.




Silver amplifies the energy of any gemstone it is paired with.


Gold tends to calm the properties of the crystals which is useful for those very sensitive to energies or newly exposed to crystal healing.

What if my crystal breaks?

If you are using a crystal and it breaks in half or various large pieces, cracks, feels or looks significantly different, especially if this happens spontaneously while you are using or wearing it, that is usually an indication that they crystal has served its purpose in your life.  You can then put the crystal to rest by burying it in the ground or sand and returning it to the earth.  This does not apply if it is a malfunction such as a bracelet breaking apart.



Important Note:  The information on this website is presented as an ancillary tool. It is not intended as a substitute for medical care or as a replacement for any medical treatment.  If you are suffering from any physical, medical and/or psychological conditions please consult with a licensed healthcare professional.

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