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Kick-Start Your Awakening!

Are you ready to stop living the life you think you "should" live and start creating the life you WANT to live?

The last few years have seen a massive number of people awakening into the knowledge that there is more to life than going through the motions. That you ARE more! That you WANT more. That you DESERVE more. 


With that in mind, in this 6-week group coaching program I will teach about specific topics of emotional intelligence, spiritual and personal development. We will focus more on the process of growth and your journey. I will introduce you to some of the tools and skills you will need to heal, grow and navigate life more easily, more consciously and more joyfully. All in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Group Bonding at Luna Healing & Coaching

The program includes:


1 weekly video about a spiritual or personal development topic to help build the foundation for your journey.

Group Coaching

 Weekly 1-hour session for Q&A, sharing insights, progress and getting feedback from the group.

Digital Journal

Emotional Intelligence Self-Awareness Journal with 21 days of prompts and exercises to help you gain insight. 

Community Support

Moderated online group for sharing, discussions, support and creating connection.

Luna Healing & Coaching Group Support


 Foundational teachings for starting this journey

Facilitation to teach you how to find your answers

Learning at your own pace via online videos

Small groups allowing more interaction & privacy

Coaching guidance with a sense of community

Real-time feedback, application and interactions

Cost-effective approach to personal growth

Is this program for you?
YES, if you...
  • are struggling with your inner critic

  • believe you experienced a spiritual awakening

  • want to learn more about spirituality and emotional healing

  • want to learn techniques to navigate your life more easily and confidently

  • are in need of clarity about your life and guidance on how to break patterns and move forward

  • are ready to change their lives

NO, if you are...
  • unwilling to step out of your comfort zone

  • closed to new perspectives, insight or feedback

  • not ready to dive in and commit to the work

  • not ready to take ownership of crating the life that you deserve

  • are new to spiritual and personal development

Your Commitment
  • You agree to honor the confidentiality of the group and all of the conversations of its members.

  • You will watch the teaching videos in advance of the group coaching sessions so that you can fully engage in the dynamics.

  • You will show up, on camera every week, to the best of your ability. I understand that we all have busy lives and that there are times and situations when this will not be possible or when you may not be up to it. That is ok. The point is that we value your energetic contribution and want to engage with you fully. So, do the best you can. 

  • You will embrace the group format and, ideally, contribute and share openly. I understand that can be hard sometimes. We want to move a bit out of our comfort zone, but if it is too stressful, listening, providing feedback, encouraging and supporting others IS contributing.. You can also contact me to discuss individual session work at a discounted rate for the duration of the program.

  • If you have to miss a session, please review the recording. You can ask any questions you may have the following week.

Luna Healing & Coaching Group Coaching


Early-bird special $585
Valid until April 20, 2023.

Registration Now Open!

Next group starts May 2023. .

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If you are interested in Individual Mastery work, click here.

About Linda Feliciano

I am a Certified Life Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Healing Facilitator and Best-selling Author.


I help self-critical women remove the veil of limiting beliefs, self-doubt and shame so they can stop living the lives they think they “should live” and start creating the lives they WANT to live.

You too can become the protagonist in the story of your life!

Linda Feliciano at Luna Healing & Coaching


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