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Are You Living the Life You Imagined? Or Are You Feeling Unfulfilled?

What are you waiting for?

Linda Feliciano of Luna Healing

Do you ever look at your life and think...

Is this it?

I did all the "right things", so why do I feel like something is missing?

I know I did!​

After the unconscious, socially acceptable and expected choices of my early life, I found myself in my late twenties feeling like I was just going through the motions, feeling unfulfilled and wondering if I was happy. ​

I was in a relationship, lived in a great city, had a solid career and an active social life.​

Everything looked great! On paper.

At the time, there were plenty of distractions keeping me from pondering too much about it. But as I got older that nagging feeling didn’t go away. In fact, it grew stronger and more frequent. ​

I found myself repeating self-sabotaging patterns. ​

I had no idea what I wanted for my life. Let a lone how to get there.

Everything started to unravel. I knew I wanted something else. Something more meaningful… fulfilling.

But I still felt:​

😓 scared and confused about what to do next​

😔 like I did something wrong or something was wrong with me​

😨 anxious about what others may think of me​

😠💔 heartbroken and resentful ​

Does this sound familiar?

As I look around I see so many women that are in a similar situation. We created our lives around what was expected of us. By our family, by our friends, by society. And, in that process, ​we forgot:

what WE WANTED, ​




And we blame ourselves. ​

Our inner critic and self-judgement is worse than anything anyone else can throw at us. ​ This is a strategy we learned in order to cope. ​

But it now stands in the way of the life you want to create.

If this resonates with you it is because you are ready to step into the spotlight and become the protagonist of your story.​

​You too can break the cycle and create the life that you deserve!

Click on the link below to download my free guide and get started. It is available in video and pdf format.


Linda Feliciano at Luna Healing & Coaching

I am a Spiritual Life Coach & Emotional Healer who came to this work as part of my own healing journey. I am a Certified Practitioner of Teal Swan's The Completion Process (CP), a Certified ARCH Healing® Practitioner (C-AHP) and a Certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner. I completed Dr. Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry Masterclass. And, I am also a co-author of the Amazon Bestselling book Woke: A-ha's, Awakenings, & Illuminations on the Path to Conscious Living & ENLIGHTENMENT and several other works.



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